Your Personal Plan

What do you need help with right now?

  • You’re dealing with pain, long term illness and are struggling to feel better. Maybe a chronic/long-term pain, is making you feel older than your years and generally poorly.
  • It is hard to find approaches which support you, are realistic for your current health and mobility, as well as something you will enjoy.
  • You find yourself asking, if I am anxious and unable to enjoy my usual classes and hands on sessions. If I find it difficult to relax and feel safe, is it right to continue?
  • You want to better understand what is going on in your body, being able to sense, respond and adjust to what it’s saying, or maybe even shouting at you!
  • You would like a chance to unwind and relax whilst improving your movement and health?
  • You want to work with someone who can relate to how your feeling.
  • You want to find the best possible way to look after yourself during difficult time(s).
  • To create a long-term, enjoyable, realistic and flexible, holistic health & wellbeing plan which will support you throughout your life.

What is a
Personal Plan?

When creating a personalised plan with Carole together you will consider your current life, current health, as well as considering your expectations. A personalised plan will take on board what you can realistically include in your schedule and what your body can realistically cope with.

You will build an honest, relatable relationship with Carole, where you can feel safe in sharing how things are going for you. If you are anxious, finding classes too difficult, dealing with other things affecting ‘Your Well Life’, together you will ensure the plan continues to fit with your needs. You may want to look at ways to adjust your plan or add to it as you progress towards health & wellness.

Together the aim is to create a plan which offers the best possible way to look after yourself during difficult time(s) and to create a long-term plan which will support you throughout your life.

Why would I create a Personal Plan for my life?

By taking time to create a personalised plan you are more likely able to realistically work with it. Once you start to feel the benefits, you will want to sustain it. By having a personal plan, you will maintain a link with Carole and touch base ensuring the plan continues to fit with your needs. You may want to look at ways to adjust your plan or add to it as you progress towards health & wellness.

Let’s support you to:

  • Get some ME Time
  • Enjoy a gentle, non-invasive hands on technique, supporting your body
  • Have gentle safe movement tools to work with at home
  • Feel safe, be able to be honest and realistically work with Carole who personally understands the challenges of working towards ‘Your Well life’
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your strength
  • Improve your Balance
  • Aid relaxation
  • Improve your Sleep
  • Have some fun, enjoying a class/workshop in good company (or from the comfort of your home). We have a lovely community of Fluid Mover’s!

How may a Personal Plan, help you?

There is no point overstretching yourself, doing too little or starting something and being tied into it when it isn’t right for you. A few hours will sadly not change your life, especially when you may be dealing with long term stress, chronic conditions or pain.

We will find out about where you are now with your health & wellness. Talk about your expectations, what are you hoping for and then create a realistic , adjustable plan to suit you.

We will always create a plan which is complementary to all conventional , primary care you are following, as given by your doctors/hospital.

What happens when we create a Personal Plan?

Together, we will find a time to chat and look at how you are feeling right now. We will consider what is the right approach for YOU, what fits with your current life, yet will provide the potential for positive change?

We will talk about your expectations, what are you hoping for and then create a plan to suit you.

4 – 6 weeks after starting to work with me (if not before) we will check in, have an honest conversation, talk through your health & wellness, see what changes may be seen. We will make any adjustments needed with your plan to help you to continue to move towards ‘Your Well Life’.

You will have the chance to explore what works for you, how do you feel, how is your body responding and how does the plan fit in with your life. It’s always about balance, balancing effort, expectations, responses and what is realistic for you, now.

Each element you work with for your health supports the other, we want to avoid the dilution of positive responses, with every technique you use, and all factors within your life which affect ‘Your Well Life’.

Working complementary to all conventional/primary care you are following from your doctors/hospital.

Carole has different clinic times and different classes, there should always be a choice of how you can support ‘Your Well Life’.

Carole and Creating your Personal Plan

Carole’s aim is to empower clients to support their own health and mobility. Help clients manage their stress/anxiety, pain and movement.

Carole has long standing experience in both her clinic of over a decade and her decades of personally working towards her own ‘Well Life’. Carole wants to bring choices, a way to enable her clients to help themselves as well as offering support ensuring they have valuable, beneficial, realistic & gentle ways to care for themselves.

In her many years of searching for a safe, gentle hands on technique and movement exercise which supports her own ‘Well Life’, Carole has chosen to focus on Bowen, Chi Kung and fluid movement. A holistic lifestyle and working with the best varied tools to support health and wellbeing has become more and more important in Carole’s practice. Even though individually Bowen and Chi Kung are incredible, there really is no ONE magic bullet. These approaches contribute greatly when looking at your whole lifestyle and working towards “Your Well Life’.

Carole will offer holistic tools, help you to gain an understanding of the safe, gentle movement exercise as well as having access to the gentle, non-invasive technique, that is Bowen. You can now work with Carole to consider your whole holistic life.

If you build a long-term relationship with Carole and decide you would like to explore other areas within your search for a balanced, holistic life, Carole has worked with many practitioners and teachers over the years and can offer suggestions of how to find what you need*.

*Carole is ONLY qualified as a Bowen Practitioner, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Chi Kung Teacher. She is not a counsellor, medical doctor, nutritionist, life coach or any other type of practitioner.

If there are other areas within your holistic life you may decide you need additional support with, you may choose to seek professional advice elsewhere. By the nature of working in the holistic health industry for many years, Carole knows many other professionals who may be right. However, it is your responsibility to always:

    1. Confirm any individual you work with is a good fit for you and offers what you feel you need, even if they are people Carole has mentioned to you.
    2. Ensure that they are qualified, maintain their CPD/relevant association standards and are fully insured for the role they are offering.

Carole takes no responsibility for any other health or well-being practitioners you may choose to work with.

“Self-care is so much more than a beauty regimen or an external thing you do. It has to start within your heart to know what you need to navigate your life. A pedicure doesn’t last but meditating every day does”.
Carrie-Anne Moss