Fluid Chi Movement (Chi Kung)

What do you need help with right now?

  • You’re dealing with a chronic/long-term pain and are struggling to feel better.
  • You feel older than your years, wobbly on your feet and generally poorly.
  • You are searching for gentle ways to support ‘Your Well Life’ as you get older and/or during a difficult time of feeling unwell.
  • You often find manipulation and hard pressure, too much for your body to cope with during and following a treatment.
  • You want to work with someone who can relate to how your feeling.
  • You’re struggling to find a hands-on technique that feels right for you.
  • You find yourself asking, if I am unable relax and enjoy the sessions, is it right to continue?

What is Chi Kung

(Fluid Chi Movement)

‘Chi’ means life force energy, vitality and ‘Kung’ means work, study, discipline – Chi Kung is ‘ENERGY WORK’.

  • Is the “mother” of Tai Chi.
  • Is an internal Chinese health and longevity exercise.
  • A very simple form of exercise that suits all ages. Offering a series of slow gentle movements, breathing techniques and slow walking, the body is both strengthened and relaxed.
  • Is part of the Traditional Chinses Medicine System and has existed since 1600BC (over 3600years).
  • A way to exercise in a state of awareness so you can become aware of in-built signals which inform you of when you may feel strain or be overwhelmed.
  • A way to be gentle with yourself.

Carole’s fluid movement classes focus on Chi Kung having trained with Thalbert Allen of the College of Elemental Chi Kung (https://www.elementalchikung.com). She is also greatly influenced by and currently studying with ground-breaking Psoas teacher Liz Koch (https://coreawareness.com).

Why would I include Fluid Chi Movement (Chi Kung), in my life?

  • By cultivating and balancing Chi, Chi Kung is practiced as a means to promote wellbeing & health, enabling you to take a more active role in your own healing process.
  • Chi Kung develops mental clarity, calmness and inner peace.
    Moves your body towards a deep state of rest by simple focused attention.
  • Develops calmness, inner peace and mental clarity.
    Is a method of exercise which is soft, gentle and easy, you don’t have to strain.
  • Is a simple natural exercise which brings suppleness and energy.
  • Encourages a state of awareness.
  • Can be done seated or standing; moving or still and as such is versatile and safe movement exercise suitable for everyone.
  • A way to be kind to yourself – Empowers you to have tools to take care of self.

How may Fluid Chi Movement (Chi Kung), support you?

Let’s support you to:

  • Get some ME Time
  • Find ways to experience relaxation
  • Have gentle safe movement tools to work with at home
  • Feel safe, be able to be honest and realistically work with Carole who personally understands the challenges of working towards ‘Your Well life’
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your strength
  • Improve your Balance
  • Improve your Sleep
  • You want to work with someone who can relate to how your feeling.
  • Have some fun, enjoying a class/workshop in good company (or from the comfort of your home). We have a lovely community of Fluid Mover’s!

What happens in my Classes?

This class includes:

  • A slow, gentle pace.
  • A mindful approach to movement and health.
  • The opportunity for homework to practice if you would like to benefit more.
  • Other beginners like you who have the same worries about not being very bendy!
  • An experienced and qualified teacher who will help you feel welcomed in the class.

You will be:

– Deepening your understanding of working with breath, observing stillness in movement, static forms and the five elements.

– Chi Kung is a very personal internal process. The forms may be considered simple. Your progress and the quality of your practice evolves as you learn to integrate movement, breath, observe the stillness and listen to your body.

– Becoming aware of, sensing your own body, finding connection within and connection to the elements. Recognising how your body responds and how you can adjust from within to better support ‘Your Well Life’.

Carole and Fluid Chi Movement (Chi Kung)

Carole’s aim is to empower clients to support their own health and mobility. Help clients manage their stress/anxiety, pain and movement and to share how we can all improve overall wellbeing through simple mindful fluid movement.

Carole is a qualified teacher of Chi Kung trained by Thalbert Allen of the College of Elemental Chi Kung (https://www.elementalchikung.com). She is also studying with and becoming increasingly influenced by ground-breaking Psoas teacher Liz Koch (https://coreawareness.com).

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.
Edward Stanley