About Carole

During many years of her own ill health, suffering symptoms from Stress, IBS and a final diagnosis of CFS (ME), Carole came to the Buteyko Method (BIM) and The Bowen Technique. She (along with her horse and her dog) experienced virtually every treatment and remedy known to man. Together they explored many holistic avenues searching for health, wellbeing and balance. Her experiences taught her much, Carole loves Chi Kung and Bowen, for her, they offer much relief of symptoms and directs the body towards healing, improved balance and increased wellbeing. Carole also remains mindful of the value of correct breathing and knows that Buteyko can be an important element of recovery. To regain Balance and overall wellbeing, many aspects of a person’s lifestyle and ‘being’, play a role in this journey.

A holistic lifestyle and working with the best varied tools to support health and wellbeing has become more and more important in Carole’s practice. In her search for safe, mindful movement exercise and mental wellbeing she found Chi Kung and is thrilled to now have the training to enable her clients with their own tools/understanding of the safe, gentle movement exercise that is Chi Kung.

It was Carole’s horse who was very responsive to Bowen leading Carole to exploring it for herself. After qualifying as a Human and Canine Bowen Technique Practitioner and starting her practice, Carole’s appreciation and love of Bowen continues to deepen. Only by experiencing Bowen can you fully appreciate the incredible value of what this gentle, non-invasive soft tissue technique may offer you or your dog.

Carole is trained in Chi Kung, Buteyko and Bowen, she qualified as an Associate Practitioner of The Buteyko Institute Method and a Human Bowen therapist in 2008 then as a Canine Bowen Technique Practitioner in 2009. In 2017 she qualified as a Chi Kung teacher enabling to further support her clients with their holistic health and wellbeing. She has travelled all over the UK and abroad in her role as a Canine Bowen Technique teacher. She is chair of CBTA (www.cbta.org.uk) and a registered human practitioner with the CNHC – Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (www.cnhc.org.uk) as well as a member of the Bowen Association UK (www.bowen-technique.co.uk). Carole is authorised to teach Canine Bowen Technique by EGCBT.

“It is so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.”
Diane Von Furstenberg