You and Your Dog

You are excited to discover the potential of the Bowen Technique and Fluid Chi Movement for yourself and can see the positive effect and responses your dog has to the changes in you. Perhaps you have seen the benefits for your dog and would like to start to care for both of you in the same way as you have learnt working with Carole with Bowen or Fluid Chi Movement sessions have become an important part of your holistic care.

Your are both dealing with a long-term condition(s) and you know working holistically with a combination of our gentle approaches supports all ages and is especially wonderful support, aiming to promote relaxation and to reduce stress. You recognise that if one is feeling well, this influences the other!

You have decided you want to continue to work with a technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing and combine the one visit with sessions for both YOU and YOUR DOG.

Supporting your own Health & Well-being, is a ‘Win, Win’ situation for you both.

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