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C.A. Nr Kettering, Northants.

  1. What was your situation like/how did you feel/what were you finding difficult before we stated to work together?

Before I started receiving Bowen from Carole and attending her chi kung classes, I was struggling with extreme anxiety and felt like there was no hope for me. I frequently wished that I had never been born and felt like I had nothing to look forward to except my life finally ending.

  • What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?

I was nervous about meeting Carole for the first time and afraid that we wouldn’t get on, but she very quickly put me at my ease. Once I had been receiving Bowen for some time and Carole suggested that I might benefit from chi kung, I had no reservations at all about trying it.

  • What has the process of working with me been like?

Working with Carole has been one of the best things I could have done for my wellbeing. Her gentleness, compassion and sense of humour mean that just being in a room with her is therapy in itself. Carole’s chi kung classes are both relaxing and fun and she is very keen to help her students get the best out of their tuition.

  • What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

The best result I have had from working with Carole has been feeling like I have the strength to soldier on through the trials that life throws at me. I leave each Bowen session feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and practising chi kung allows me to relax and recharge when life has run me down.

J. F. Yelvertoft, Northants.

On hearing about Bowen Therapy I was a little tentative to get involved myself. I had spent many an hour on the osteopath’s table and was always a reluctant patient, and I feared Bowen would involve a similar technique! My husband booked in with Carole and was very impressed. Eventually I let Carole do, I think it was only one move on me. She hardly touched me and the effect was quite amazing. When I first started my journey with Bowen I was in quite a state. I had terrible and frequent migraines, my osteoarthritis made my whole body ache, I had extremely painful bouts of IBS, and, of course, I was feeling miserably sorry for myself.

We, that is Carole and I, as I feel it is a joint journey, took things very slowly. My sessions at first were very short as the moves produced strong effects (not always immediately comfortable) on my body as it changed. I usually went home quite light headed, luckily for me home was a short walk away. I would have a series of 3 sessions and then have a long bout without Bowen. When I got into trouble with bad upper or lower back pain, I would return to Carole who would sort me out.

Bowen Therapy has worked alongside prescribed medication in my case. Looking back over the years I realise that my migraines are nowhere near as frequent now as they were and certainly not as painful. I do avoid certain foods but when I slip up or get too upset about something, I do not have to spend 3 days in bed anymore, usually just one and then the pain is not completely debilitating. My IBS has reacted in the same way and a bout is very rare these days.

I am awaiting a second hip replacement. Before the previous hip was replaced I remember that I was walking with a stick and was in a great deal of pain; I couldn’t sleep at night. I was told that the other hip would need replacing in a couple of years. It is now 6 years since that operation and I feel it is time to have this next operation. I am not taking Co-codamol this time, just paracetamol, and I’m not walking with a stick yet, unless I walk for longer distances (over 20 minutes).

More recently I have been going to Carole on a more regular basis. We are now preparing for the operation.

Over the years my wellbeing has improved amazingly; I am in less pain and I am happier. It has been a long journey but well worth it. I will continue with this wonderful therapy for the foreseeable future.

I am a convert!

J.F. Yelvertoft.

I.H. Yelvertoft, Northants.

After having had an unsatisfactory relationship with gyms and exercise in the past and realising that I was becoming more out of shape as the years progressed, I knew I ad to do something to help me become fit.

I had heard about the benefits of Chi Kung, how it not only addressed the physical wellbeing, but also bringing calm to a busy mind. So when I learned that there was going to be classes run by Carole I jumped at the chance to join.

Carole is a teacher who is incredibly sensitive to the abilities of her students. She tailors her instruction to each person, being mindful of their capability and doesn’t rush or push the student beyond their ability. She teaches us to listen to our bodies which enables us to get the most out of our sessions. I also want to mention that we laugh a lot and have fun whilst getting fit.

Since starting Carole’s classes I now find that I am far more limber as well as having so much more energy – brilliant!

S.A. Nr Kettering, Northants.

Before I started learning Chi Kung I had been suffering from Tennis Elbow on the right side for three months. The sharp elbow pain meant that everyday tasks had to be carried out one-handed; getting dressed was difficult, and I could not even pick up a cup of tea with my right hand as the pain was so intense.

Before I started bringing Charlotte for Bowen sessions I was nervous about whether you and she would hit it off and whether or not Bowen would help her. By the time Chi Kung was suggested to us both as a way forward we obviously knew you quite well so we knew that working with you would be fun! However I had no real idea what Chi Kung was or whether it would suit either of us. I knew that you had benefitted from it personally in a very tangible way, so I felt it was worth a try. When we were invited to attend the Chi Kung classes I had few qualms about it as I knew it had already benefitted us both.

Attending Chi Kung classes is always great fun, and I always feel better afterwards. I enjoy the exercises and the feeling of camaraderie. Also, as Charlotte’s carer, I have always deeply appreciated your warm, friendly, non-judgemental approach to her problems and your keenness to go the extra mile help her in any way you can. The best result that I have experienced from Chi Kung so far has been the complete disappearance of my Tennis Elbow symptoms. Within two weeks of regular Chi Kung practice they had greatly improved and within 3-4 months my recovery was complete!

S.R. Yelvertoft, Northants.

How did you feel before we started to work together with Chi Kung?

Just generally creaky due to age and arthritis.

What is the one best result you have got from working with me and Chi Kung?

Early days yet, but after one session my joints felt easier.

C.I. Telford, Shropshire.

Before working with Carole I had the opportunity to spend several years working with Sally Askew who was able, over time, to readjust my physical , mental and emotional well being. I became very lost after 12 months of not having the ‘prod, poke, reminder’ to keep up the practice. I was absolutely delighted when Carole decided to do her one day workshops, salvation !!!

Having spent much time working alongside Carole when working with Sally, I had no reservations what so ever about workshops run by Carole. I know how very professional Carole is about her work and being able to help people be their ‘best self’.

For me Carole’s workshops tap into any muscle memory you may have, you learn new approaches and have lots and lots of fun !!

At present the work is helping me to get going again, to get back to that stronger/healthier person I know I can be. I am so looking forward to the next one. After a rather traumatic year I am especially looking forward to starting the next years workshops, they will help with my healing and create a positive attitude with which to move forward.

D.C. Long Buckby, Northants.

How did you feel before we started to work together with Chi Kung?

Glued to my sofa not wanting to move (TV & beading).

What reservations did you have about working with me before?


What has it been like, working with Carole?

O.K. Even fun sometimes!

What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

Getting out for a little while, meeting others.